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Divorce is hard on the entire family unit, not just the parents that are walking through it. Children, teens, and even young adults can deal with feelings that leave them wondering what they did wrong if they were the cause, and even lead to making abysmal choices for themselves in the future. If you are going through a challenging situation as a parent, it may be time to seek out wilderness therapy for divorce for your pre-teens, teens, and young adult children here at Rites of Passage.

For years, our compassionate staff has walked through this difficult time with countless young people. This is a place for them to get the healing they need to move forward with the rest of their young lives. Discover what to expect down below and see how it may help your children cope with divorce in their lives.


The first part of our approach is a complete physical and mental evaluation of the participant. This assures everyone they can physically fulfill all that will be required of them in the program. The cognitive evaluation also helps us get a baseline of where they are and what their program needs to consist of.

Multiple Phases

Your loved one will go throughout the wilderness therapy program for several weeks. This program includes various aspects of therapy such as group therapy, counseling with family members, self-reflection, and peer-level interaction. We also work on communication skills, life skills such as cooking and navigating the wilderness and sheltering out in the campsites. All daily distractions and stressors are removed so that your child can focus on healing and wholeness.

If wilderness therapy for divorce sounds like something that your child needs, be sure to call us at (800) 794-0980 today to discuss the program further.