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Are you concerned about your teen, pre-teen, or young adult children becoming disengaged? Are you wondering what the signs are to watch for to get them the assistance they need? Here at Rites of Passage, we can help you know what to look for and how to know when it’s time to take advantage of our wilderness therapy for disengaged children & young adults.

Check out the information below to see if you may have someone who is disengaged and how you can get help when you need it:

What Does It Mean To Be “Disengaged”?

When you’re dealing with a teen or young adult that is disengaged, you may notice items such as:

  • No interest in school, extracurriculars, or in social aspects of the school
  • Never feels included or a part of the school as a whole
  • Doesn’t seem to take ownership of their schoolwork

Some risk factors can lead to a student becoming disengaged. Risk factors such as poverty or unemployment in the parents, complicated relationships at school, and physical or mental aspects can lead to behavioral issues.

How Rites Of Passage Can Help

The wilderness therapy program provides a four-stage approach to help teens and young adults in trouble. From the physical and mental evaluations to the skills learned, the program is a great way to help your loved one live an engaged life.

Your loved one will learn life skills such as cooking, sheltering in a wildlife atmosphere, hiking, communication, self-reflection, and more. Licensed and trained therapists are on-hand throughout the process. From guided peer-level communication to family therapy, we have it all covered.

To learn more about our wilderness therapy for disengaged children & young adults, call the office at (800) 794-0980.