Wilderness Therapy for Depression

Wilderness Therapy for Depression

Parents often feel helpless when their teenager is experiencing any type of mental health problem, and may not know where to turn when their teen is experiencing major depression. Parents may try school guidance counselors, or may take their teen to weekly therapy or the family doctor for some medication. For some teens, this type of therapy works, but for others, a more intense intervention may be needed. Here at Rites of Passage NW we offer wilderness therapy for depression, a different a unique way to help teens battle depression and go back to living normal lives.

Wilderness Therapy for Depression

We are a fully functioning facility here at Rites of Passage NW, and offer therapies such as individual and group therapy on a daily basis. In addition to these conventional therapies, we also offer equine therapy, rites of passage therapy, wilderness therapy, and other unique experiences to help teens battle depression.

We also treat any co-occurring disorders that manifest themselves with depression, such as eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, bipolar, and many more. Our focus is not on medication but on getting back to nature, as we believe this is a great help.

We are also a fully functioning ranch here at Rites of Passage NW, and we really get back to basics. Teens have no access to their cell phones or the Internet, and will take part in daily chores such as farming, gardening and cultivating, and even taking care of he animals. During our program, our teens will also volunteer to help others, work in the community, or attend online classes.

To learn more about wilderness therapy for depression, please give Rites of Passage NW a call at (800)794-0980 to speak with someone who can help and who understands.

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