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Bullying has become an even more prevalent problem than it was in the past. Today, teens and children can’t seem to get away from their bullies even when they are at home. That’s why it is so important that young adults, pre-teens, and teens have coping skills to learn how to handle whatever comes their way. What happens if your child is the bully in the situation? One way to help those who’ve been through this circumstance and may require help is with the wilderness therapy for bullying at Rites of Passage.

Our compassionate team is here to help whether your child needs help with bullies or helps make better decisions. We’ve been working with teens and young adults dealing with bullying for over 10 years with a proven program to help come through the other side.

Get to the Root

In our program, one of the things we focus on is why the bullying is taking place. For those causing harm to others, they need to consider their decisions, figure out the real root of the behavior and learn how to cope with it. When participants are in the first phase, this is one of the main focuses. With quiet hikes, this gives the young person time to reflect on their choices and what has led them to this point.

Learn to Cope

Throughout the multi-phase approach we provide, your young person will learn different skills to help cope with their challenges and learn to make more positive choices. Learning how to react, how to handle issues that they face, and even learning life skills can help them become a more productive, successful adult.

Whether your child is a bully or a victim of one, our wilderness therapy for bullying is a great place to start healing and moving forward. Call (800) 794-0980 today to discuss available options.