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Are you dealing with a pre-teen, young adult, or teenager that is struggling with abuse? Whether they are making bad decisions or coming out of a bad situation, healing and wholeness are needed in a big way. Here at Rites of Passage, we provide wilderness therapy for abuse situations for those who are struggling with their past decisions.

Rites of Passage has been a leading force in the Northwest for over 10 years, providing licensed and trained staff members to lead experiences for teens that need to learn to make better choices. We find that often good kids get into bad situations and need guidance to get back on the right path. No matter what brought you to this place, we’re here to help your teen or young adult recover, heal, and move forward.

Healing is a Must!

Being in nature is a great way to unwind, disconnect, and heal from the hurt and pain caused to you or by you. Those who take part in the wilderness therapy program will be disconnected from the outside world. No distractions are allowed, such as electronics, cell phones, etc.

Four-Phase Approach

The wilderness therapy approach consists of four distinct phases, each with different focuses for the participant. For example, there is a physical and mental evaluation completed to ensure the participant can do everything that takes place in the orientation phase, such as the hikes, cooking, sheltering in the wilderness, etc. Your loved one will have time for self-reflection, learning communication skills, navigation, and more throughout all the phases.

When your child is out of the four-phase approach, they have mentorship and continue following the plan for success created in their therapy. If wilderness therapy for abuse sounds like something your teen or young adult may benefit from, be sure to call (800) 794-0980 today to set up a consultation.