Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

For many troubled teens, young adults and their parents, choosing among the many types and variations of therapies’ available can be difficult. For some, an hours visit once per week to a near by therapists office may not be enough due to the severity of the behavioral or emotional issues involved. It may also be in too close a proximity to the influential environment in which they are trying to stay away from. For a few of these troubled teens or adults, those influences may just be too strong to avoid. In these cases, choosing a therapeutic program set apart from the damaging influences may be a viable option. If this sounds like the situation you or your child are experiencing, Rites of Passage Wilderness Adventure Therapy may be the right choice for you.

At Rites of Passage, we believe that having our students as far away from the influences and chaos of everyday life allows them to freely open their minds, reflecting honestly on their past behaviors, think of where they are at present and consider their behaviors of the future.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Combining various traditional therapies with our unique empowerment based therapy; our students have a tremendous sense of accomplishment when they find they already possess the necessary skills to overcome many of the challenges they face during the wilderness adventure therapy as well as those that brought them to us.

Rites of Passage wilderness adventure therapy allows our students to have a real good look at who they are and to accept responsibility for the choices they make.

Experiential therapy provides them with the abilities to gain self-respect, respect for others and the self-reliance to make healthier choices. Contact us today at (800)794-0980 to learn more about our programs and to register today.

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