Is ROP Obesity Health and Wellness camps beneficial for teenage girls?

Yes, absolutely! We run programs for both girls and boys. About one third of our students each year are female and with women counselors and therapists, they soon learn how to adapt to life in the great outdoors and be comfortable.

How will I stay in touch with my child while he or she is at Health and Wellness camp?

Parents and students are encouraged to write letters to each other that are received, read and replied to each week. These letters can be fun, encouraging and therapeutic in nature. Photos are sent back and forth, and each week we update our Facebook with photos your kids have taken throughout the week and more photos our staff have taken of them out on expedition! This way, family at home can experience as much as possible of what your kids get to enjoy out in the wilderness.

Do you accept medical Insurance?

Yes. While we do require payment in full by the start of the program (or down payment with a financial plan in place), we do work with both you and your health insurance provider to recover and seek reimbursement of these funds. We have worked with a variety of insurance plans in the past and have ongoing relationships with many. Historically insurance does not pay for long-term treatments.