A Well Balanced Long Term Rehab Center in Washington State

A Well Balanced Long Term Rehab Center in Washington State

The road to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is not an easy one to navigate. The strength required by an individual to finally seek help may be a testament to their determination to become clean and sober, if provided the right environment. After completing an initial treatment program, an person may feel a higher level of recovery is attainable. An extended stay in a well balanced long term rehab center in Washington State will assist in reaching the level of recovery desired.

Long Term Rehab Center in Washington State

Providing individuals with a safe, stable and supportive environment for their recovery from substance addiction is crucial for their physical and mental health as well as their treatment. Encouraging these individuals to take responsibility for the choices they have made, are making and accept the consequences of those choices will help them grow and mature as individuals. Being part of the program planning will provide each client with a vested interest in their own treatment.

Opportunities such as the daily routine of meaningful tasks not only gives clients a sense of purpose, it frees their minds of distractions allowing them to face their own concerns in a healthy manner. Continuing to offer these opportunities with increasing responsibility throughout rehabilitation, in the form of transitional work programs, community volunteering and mentoring newer clients is extremely important. It will empower individuals to use the strengths and abilities within themselves to overcome and learn new methods of dealing with many of life's challenges.

Offering a well-balanced therapeutic process which may include but not limited to the following will guide individuals toward self-reliance, self-respect, patience and mental and physical health and wellness.
  • intense but nurturing individual, group and peer to peer counseling
  • adventure treks offering a variety of personal and group challenges
  • a complete holistic nutritional program

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