Weight Loss Programs for Teens

Weight Loss Programs for Teens

It is a very unfortunate situation that today’s teenagers appear to be saddled with an ever growing amount of pressures. From a very young age, they are told to study hard, go to college and get a good job. They are constantly reminded they are the future and will be responsible for not only their actions but the actions of those that came before them. They hear the words debt, global warming and a host of others. On top of all this, they have the normal pressures of just being a teenager. The pressure of trying to fit in, not succumbing to peer pressure and making all the right choices can be overwhelming to some. Each individual handles the pressures of life differently. These differences may include over eating or withdrawing from social activities, which in turn can lead to other physical and/or emotional concerns. Regardless of what may be the driving force behind your child’s weight problems, we at Rites of Passage NW believe our weight loss programs for teens may just be what you are looking for.

Weight Loss Programs for Teens

At Rites of Passage, we will help the whole individual, not just any apparent symptoms or issues. Not only will your child loose weight while they are attending one of our camps, they will learn new skills and abilities that will start them on the road to good choices and an active, healthy lifestyle.

During their quiet hikes or wilderness treks, your child will learn to take responsibility for their daily activities such as the preparation of healthy foods, shelter, water and fire making. They will understand they are responsible for their own actions of the past, present and future.

They will have fun, not even realizing they have lost weight while they are here.

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