Weight Loss Programs for Teens in the NW

Weight Loss Programs for Teens in the NW

Teens struggling with their diet and weight can easily feel embarrassed, not reaching out for help. Other teens can be especially rough, and bullying can be horrible if a teen is overweight. Besides the opinions of others, a teen can easily feel anxious and depressed about their weight, with no idea how to suddenly eat better or to improve their diet. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we have many ways to help. With our many weight loss programs for teens in the NW, we can help teens eat healthier, so that they live a more rewarding, active life.

Weight Loss Programs for Teens in the NW

While in one of our programs at Rites of Passage NW, teens will eat our holistic foods diet. Still a very tasty diet, teens will learn how to count calories, and to eat three balanced meals a day. Our teens will develop new eating habits that they can take home with them, so that they eat more healthily after discharge.

Exercise is also a big part of our program here at Rites of Passage NW. Instead of mundanely working out at the gym, we teach teens how to survive in the wilderness, during one of our wilderness treks. We teach that exercise can be exciting and fun, and even fun to participate in as a group.

Therapy sessions with qualified therapists are also part of our program. Teens will participate in individual sessions as well as group therapy, tailored to target any and all problems associated with obesity.

For more information about our weight loss programs for teens in the NW, or to learn more about Rites of Passage NW, give us a call at (800)794-0980. We want to see all teens leave a happy, healthy, and abundant life.

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