Weight Loss Camp for Teens

Weight Loss Camp for Teens

Anyone who has a teen, had a teen, has been a teen or is a teen knows first hand how cruel teens can be. Not necessarily to others but to themselves. The pressures placed squarely on the shoulders of teens seems to increase as each decade passes. As societies change, so do the expectations teens have their friends, family and more importantly, themselves. The external influences of sex, drugs, alcohol and even the need to “fit in”, can take their toll on teens. This in turn sparking a whole host of behavioral and emotional problems. These problems can take on many forms including overeating causing obesity which can cause a great deal of other concerns. At rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy our weight loss camp for teens will not only help your child lose weight but get to the root cause of their behaviors.

Weight Loss Camp for Teens

Every activity undertaken at Rites of Passage has therapeutic value. Our quiet wilderness treks allow our students to reflect on their young lives and the goals they want to achieve. Working with our therapists and clinicians, they devise a treatment plan to reach those goals.

Our wilderness adventure therapy empowers these teens to gain self-reliance, self respect, responsibility for their actions, work as a team and even as a team leader.

Our holistic food preparation program shows our students that it isn’t always how much they eat but what they eat that can lead to long term healthy eating habits.

These therapeutic processes are combined with intense, individual, group and family therapies and nightly campfire groups with their peers. On their return home from Rites of Passage weight loss camp for teens, your children will not realize how or when they lost weight. They will have a renewed sense of self, health, wellness and be prepared to handle the obstacles that face them.

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