Weight Loss Camp for Teens in Washington

Weight Loss Camp for Teens in Washington

Many of us have witnessed it and a few of us have even experienced it; that teasing and mocking of the overweight teenager at school, on the playground or on the street. Very seldom it seems does anyone consider there may be some underlying factors contributing to the weight problems suffered by these teens. At Rites of Passage weight loss camp for teens in Washington, we have considered this possibility.

Weight Loss Campy for Teens in Washington
As a result, we have developed an effective program in which the student gains an awareness of themselves, takes ownership of their actions and uses their own strengths and weaknesses to better their life choices.

Combining our Rites of Passage approach with the concept of a traditional fat camp, our weight loss camp for teens also incorporates an entire holistic food program. Here, we don’t just teach our kids about counting calories, we teach them how to eat healthier and maintain that healthy diet when they return home.

Taking part in our wilderness treks offer our students ample time for self reflection; to answer the question, “Who do I want to be?” These adventures come with many of life’s daily challenges, both physical and emotional. Our students prove to themselves they have what it takes inside them to overcome life’s natural obstacles. Preparing their own nutritious holistic foods, setting up adequate shelter and maintaining basic camp routines allows them to take responsibility, drawing on their own skills and abilities and work in a team setting.

Daily, individual therapy sessions with our own on staff therapists allow our students to look at solving any deep rooted issues that may have brought them to us.

When our students are ready to leave the Rites of Passage weight loss camps for teens in Washington, not only will they have lost weight, they will have gained an understanding of themselves and the confidence and self-reliance to set, achieve and maintain their goals to a healthier way of life.