What is Visualization?

Visualization is an important component of cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT. It aims to believe that you can be where you visualize yourself to be. Therefore, if a teen wants to get out of bad habits and behaviors such as overeating and drug and alcohol usage, part of doing so involves seeing yourself as a non-addict, or as a thinner, healthier teen.


Visualization believes that hopes and dreams are important, but goes beyond daydreaming and wishful thinking. Part of the process of this part of CBT is to forge the path to get to the place that is being visualized. A person in peril simply cannot wish a drug and alcohol problem away, or become thinner overnight.

However, when they decide that is how they want their life to be, with the help of counselors and therapists at Rites of Passage NW, they can figure out how to get there with a little help.

During our group and individual therapy sessions, we talk about visualization and encourage each teen to speak about the changes in lifestyle they would like to see in their lives. Journaling and introspection is also a large part of visualization. Teens need not always share all of their innermost thoughts, but are encouraged to share so that counselors and therapists can help get each teen on the road to a successful future.