Know Your Options In A Long Term Drug Rehab Program In Washington State

Long Term Drug Rehab Program In Washington State There are all sorts of therapy programs and rehab treatment facilities that are available today, however none of them are quite like wilderness therapy. With Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy, you have a unique long term drug rehab program in Washington State that is geared toward helping addicted, troubled youth. Wilderness therapy acts as a unique approach for tackling the treatment of addiction in youth and addressing family situations. When the participants are able to face various challenges in nature while connecting with others and taking part in intensive therapy, they are able to address their addictions head on. This is also a time where they can learn more about taking responsibility, building self-esteem and learning valuable life skills. Also known as wilderness experience programs or adventure-based therapy, wilderness therapy is a form of long term drug rehab and a treatment approach that will expose the participants to various interventions and activities in nature. What Can I Expect Out Of A Long Term Drug Rehab Wilderness Program? Some of the components that you may be able to experience when you are involved in a wilderness therapy group may include:
  • Intensive therapy sessions for individuals, groups or families
  • Full immersion into the wild for a designated period of time with peers as well as professionals such as therapists, counselors, and/or psychologists
  • Education when it comes to basic life stills and a valuable opportunity to practice these skills
  • Taking time to address any of the problematic behaviors of any participant to include therapeutic interventions
  • The development of an aftercare plan to keep gaining progress once the wilderness therapy program has been finished
Not everyone will be suitable for treatment via wilderness therapy. Anyone who might be going through the withdrawal process from alcohol or drugs may be at risk when participating in this kind of therapy, so it is important that all needs are addressed before embarking. When you work with our team at Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy, you will have a personal touch and a guided approach to offer the care and treatment that you need. You may also have the ability to have a wilderness therapy rehab program that can be fully tailored so that you have a treatment plan that meets up with your individual needs. If you or someone that you know could benefit from going through wilderness therapy for a long term drug rehab program in Washington State , contact Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy today by calling (800)794-0980. We look forward to hearing from you and working on bringing you the best that wilderness rehabilitation therapy has to offer.