Enjoyable Weight Loss Programs for Teens in the Northwest

Embarrassment, shame, belittled, a lack of self worth, disconnected, lost and low self esteem; any combination or all of these feelings may be felt by an over weight teen at the best of times. When the suggestion is made they may want to consider attending a weight loss program, these may just be some of the feelings they may experience. Anger, resentment and disappointment just may be added to this list. Any deep negative feeling may not last however, as they come to the realization the whole process may be in the best interest of their long term personal health and wellness. In addition, knowing the words, ‘weight loss” do not need to have a negative connotation attached to it can be reassuring. There really are effective, enjoyable weight loss programs for teens in the Northwest. Weight Loss Programs for Teens in the Northwest Attending a weight loss program specifically designed for teens that focuses on adventure, fun, education, fun, great food, fun, inspiration, fun, friendships, fun and a great support with a huge focus on fun as may have been mentioned, will certainly differentiate it from any traditional ‘fat camp’ program. Learning it isn’t particularly how much is eaten but what is eaten can, in itself be a life changing experience. Learning that each individual has the ability to overcome the many obstacles associated with weight loss simply by taking responsibility for their actions will actually increase self awareness. Being presented with and dealing with new and exciting challenges and learning new skills will increase both self confidence and self esteem. Looking and feeling better as an individual doesn’t hurt either. For more information regarding our very effective, enjoyable weight loss programs for teens in the Northwest, give us a call at Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy today at (800)794-0980. Helping you hike the path to health and wellness.