Troubled Youth Programs in North America – USA

Troubled Youth Programs in North America – USA

It is never easy when a child has an illness, or becomes sick. It can be incredibly heartbreaking for a parent when a child experiences substance abuse issues, depression, or bouts of anger and aggression. There isn’t always a simple fix or cure. Parents may feel helpless. Schools may try to be of help, but can be overcrowded, with an overworked and underpaid staff. Weekly therapy sessions are not a good fit for every teenager. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we believe in different types of therapies to help teenagers rediscover who they want to be. We offer many different troubled youth programs in North America – USA, with experienced staff members that can help any troubled child.

Troubled Youth Programs in North America - USA

While every course of therapy will be slightly different, we believe in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other therapies such as group therapy, one-on-one sessions, and interaction with peers and adults. We believe wholeheartedly in accountability and responsibility, and part of our goal is to help teach teens cause and effect, to help them take responsibility for their own actions.

Think about how tough stress can be on an adult. On a teenager, it can be much more magnified. With next to no coping skills, a teenager easily turns to the world of alcohol and drugs, or inward with bouts of depression. We help troubled teens work in a team environment, and prepare them for real-world adult life.

For questions about our troubled youth programs in North America – USA, or to schedule an appointment or consultation, call Rites of Passage NW at (800)794-0980. An experienced and professional staff member is waiting to take the call, and to help every teen become healthy, happy, and prosperous again.