How long are your secondary care Rites of Passage Ranch Long Term Care Programs?

Our programs last between four and six months.

Do you have a minimum length of stay?

Yes, the minimum length of stay four months. It is paramount for residents to increase their odds of success by building a good period of long-lasting sobriety and this is when effective changes are made.

How much does your program cost?

The cost of our programs starts at $445.00 a day and after the first 30 days the daily rate decreases to $395.00 a day. There is a onetime fee of $1,200.00 which covers all the equipment required (e.g. waterproof gear, backpack, tent) which the resident will keep upon graduation. The daily rate includes evaluations, tuition costs, individual therapy sessions and family therapy sessions.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Yes, absolutely. While we do require payment in full by the start of the program (or down payment with a financial plan in place), we do work with both you and your health insurance provider to recover and seek reimbursement of these funds. We have worked with a variety of insurance plans in the past and have ongoing relationships with many. Historically insurance does not pay for long-term treatments.

Will I have contact with my family and friends?

Yes you will be able to communicate with your loved ones. There is a two week period upon arrival where new residents will be on blackout. This is to establish treatment goals and to become acclimated to the ranch routine. We have found during this period phones can be a treatment distraction. As long as electronic devices don’t become a distraction or point of conflict we allow their use.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, due to liability issues, your pets will have to stay at home or with friends and family.

What should I bring?

Rites of Passage Ranch Long Term Care Program residents should bring what they think they will need for staying four months. One checked bag and one carry on works for most residents. We ask that heavily scented perfumes and cologne stay at home as some residents are more sensitive to these items. Also we ask residents to bring a 30 day supply of any medications that you are currently taking. See the suggested packing list below.

  • Belt
  • walking shoes
  • raincoat
  • pajamas
  • shirts
  • pants
  • slippers
  • swimsuit
  • underwear
  • hat
  • belt
  • hiking boats
  • socks
  • shorts
  • sweater
  • long underwear
  • jacket
  • shower shoes
  • personal hygiene items
  • writing materials
  • small backpack