Education is paramount in the Rites of Passage Ranch Long Term Care Program. Creating educational goals and obtaining them is a powerful experience and builds self esteem. Whether residents are completing their GED or taking a class at the local community college or taking a job building skills course it helps residents for life after their stay in the program. We help develop and tailor each resident’s educational goals and interest to help them succeed. It has been proven that with higher education people are happier and live more fulfilling lives. We help residents start on their journey and help them stay on course throughout this process. Many of our residents have had some bad experiences in schooling and have fallen behind. We strive to create a positive experience and help residents take control and ownership of their education and reap the reward of learning.

We have created a space in the treatment plan for residents who are interested in pursuing and obtaining the educational goals. We will help them with school work, testing, and career counseling. We offer optional classes at the Rites of Passage Ranch Long Term Care Program which residents can take to help manage their lives such as personal finance, stress management, communication and nutrition. Our life skills team will also help individuals with resumes, job searches and interviewing preparation.

There are four phases to the program: