Getting sober is often the easy part – staying sober can be the tough part. Unfortunately, instances of relapse are high, especially among teenagers, and here at Rites of Passage NW, we want to do our very best to ensure that relapse is not a part of our teens’ recovery.

Because of this, we provide aftercare after treatment at one of our wilderness camps. Leaving the protected, structured life of a long-term program can be exceedingly difficult, especially if a teen is going back to the original people, places, and things that added to their problems.

Sober Living Housing

In addition to setting up aftercare in the form of therapy and continued psychiatric and medical attention, we also formulate a plan to help teens figure out their housing. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to go home to Mom and Dad, but some teens need a little bit more time on their own before returning home.

We offer Sober Living Housing within our community. It has less structure than our formal long-term program. Teens live “normal life,” with the one major rule being continued sobriety. For many teens, living in sober housing is just the bridge they need to find their way between treatment program and being in their regular environment. Teens can also help pass their recovery along by staying active with the Rites of Passage ranch and helping out the newcomer.