The Ranch Long Term Care Seattle Programs

The Ranch Long Term Care Seattle Programs

Residential Extended Care Program in Seattle

Assisting with the foundation of the basic skills to develop the tools and more skills required for a successful, sober future, our 3 or 6 month, four phase program will strengthen the emotional, social and physical muscles required to continue their journey to recovery

Long Term Care Program in Seattle

Understanding people heal much better in a respectful and supportive environment, our long term care program continues to encourage our residents to make healthy choices and accept both the responsibility and consequences of those choices.

Long Term Drug Rehab Program in Seattle

Our wilderness treks and adventures empowers them to take responsibility for their actions and use the new skills they have learned and the strength and abilities they already possess to make the lifestyle changes required to lead a healthy productive lifestyle.

Long Term Drug Treatment Program in Seattle

Designed specifically for those individuals who have completed initial treatment programs, Rites of Passage NW unique empowerment approach to therapies continues to encourage their residents to take responsibility for the choices they make and accept the consequences of those choices.

Long Term Rehab Center in Seattle

At Rites of Passage NW long term rehab center, we assist our residents in developing new, positive behaviors in place of the current negative behaviors. Through our Rites of Passage and empowerment models of therapy our residents first learn they are responsible for their actions.

Long Term Drug Treatment Center in Seattle

Our residents are empowered to use the skills, abilities they already possess as well as new skills learned to overcome the many obstacles they will face on these expeditions.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in Seattle

Taking the necessary time required to overcome at drug addiction is most important. Any addiction program started should be completed. Time is relative in this case however, as a time limit cannot realistically be placed on recovery time.

Long Term Drug Rehab Center in Seattle

Through our multilevel therapy approaches including individual and group therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, holistic nutrition education, wilderness treks, life skills classes, just to name a few, our residents are prepared both emotionally and physically to face the many obstacles that make daily life the challenge we all know it is with all its successes as well as it’s failure.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Program in Seattle

To make a complete recovery from alcoholism means making a change in behaviors and adopting a healthier standard of living. Following that initial treatment program, choosing to spend more time in an alcohol rehab program can be tremendously beneficial to any person completely committed to becoming clean and sober.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in Seattle

When you or someone close to you is looking to continue the long road to recovery from an alcohol addiction, it is of the utmost importance to find the rehabilitation treatment center best suited to reach the intended outcome.