The Ranch Long Term NW Programs

The Ranch Long Term NW Programs

Long Term Drug Rehab Program in the NW

By the time residents are ready to leave our long term drug rehab program in the NW, they will have the ability make healthy choices and accept the responsibility and consequences of those choices.

Residential Extended Care Programs in the NW

In our extended care program, teens will learn the meaning of accountability and responsibility. They will be expected to participate in daily chores, and will learn how to be part of a team.

Long Term Care Program in the NW

While we offer conventional therapy such as group therapy and individual therapy, we also offer unique opportunities such as wilderness therapy, rites of passage therapy, and equine therapy.

Long Term Drug Treatment Program in the NW

Our teenagers will learn all about accountability and responsibility, and will perform daily chores while in our program.

Long Term Rehab Center in the NW

Here at Rites of Passage NW, our long term rehab center in the NW has helped thousands of troubled teens get their life back.

Long Term Drug Treatment Center in the NW

When a child is involved in alcohol and drug abuse, parents may feel helpless and may not know where to turn. School guidance counselors or weekly therapy may be a good start, but for some troubled teens, it is not enough.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in the NW

Here at Rites of Passage NW, teens will take part in individual counseling as well as group therapy with their peers, but also get to be a part of exciting adventures, such as equine therapy, rites of passage therapy, wilderness therapy, and much more.

Long Term Drug Rehab Center in the NW

Addiction is a family disease, and parents can easily feel helpless or embarrassed. Parents may turn to guidance counselors and weekly therapists to help bring about change in their teen, but those types of therapies are not a good fit for everyone.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Program in the NW

Some teens do go through an experimentation phase that they quickly pass through, others may not experiment and all, and some teens may get caught up in the throes of heavy drinking.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program in the NW

Alcohol can be a tough thing to combat, especially with its social acceptance in modern society. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we have a long term alcohol rehab treatment center in the NW for those teens that need help coming to terms with their alcohol addiction.

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