The Ranch Long Term Care National Programs

The Ranch Long Term Care National Programs

Residential Extended Care Program

The Ranch is an extended care facility specifically designed for young adults wishing to, or requiring further care and assistance in becoming clean and healthy from their addition before transitioning back into the main stream of society.

Long Term Care Program

An extension of our trek program, The ranch long term care program builds on the premise of guiding our students to accept responsibility for their actions.

Long Term Drug Rehab Program

Building on previous recovery programs, Rites of Passage has been designed for those young adults aged 18-30+ years who feel they may require more time to achieve their desired treatment goals.

Long Term Drug Treatment Program

For information pertaining to our highly effective long term drug treatment program, call us today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy.

Long Term Rehab Center

At Rites of Passage, The Ranch, we offer our residents a safe and supportive environment for recovery which allows young adults to be free in their thoughts to reflect on the behaviors and poor choices which may had lead them to us.

Long Term Drug Treatment Center

At Rites of Passage long term treatment center, a number of support avenues are explored and utilized. From friendships being formed with residents working with each other while performing their daily ranch chores, to the individual and group therapy sessions with our licensed mental health therapists.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program

The Ranch long term drug addiction program to bring yours or your loved ones recovery from drug addiction to the next level.

Long Term Drug Rehab Center

There are numerous reasons for people to turn to and eventually become addicted to drugs. It may have started out as a choice to experiment, recreational use or to cope with the pressures of the workplace.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Program

Our empowerment therapy assists our residents to achieve their treatment objectives by utilizing their own abilities from within and the new skills they learn from the program.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

At Rites of Passage, we have created a supportive setting where our residents can feel safe and secure while they work toward the goals of their treatment.