The Many Benefits of Wilderness Therapy in Washington State

The Many Benefits of Wilderness Therapy in Washington State

When individuals or families consider therapy options for themselves or for a loved one regardless of the affliction, the first thought is most likely pretty generic. An image of the patient sitting in a big comfortable looking chair or laying on a couch telling a therapist their deepest thoughts once a weeks often comes to mind. Although this type of therapy is a viable, effective option for many, some individuals feel they can benefit more from an experiential type of therapy. Removing themselves from a negative influencing environment and being emerged in a program tailor made for them allows for complete focus on recovery, treatment and behavioral change. This is just one of the many benefits of wilderness therapy in Washington State.

Wilderness Therapy in Washington State When an individual remains in the environment that may be triggering negative behaviors, there is no accountability for their actions. Despite weekly consultation with a therapist, these person's may often revert to dealing with challenges in the same manner they always have. Faced with the many natural and often foreign obstacles of the wilderness however, individuals will typically rise to the challenge learning new skills and adapting new behaviors to overcome them.

Whether these new physical and/or intellectual obstacles are met with success or failure, individuals will learn from their experiences and practice new ways to cope with the emotional challenges of everyday life. They will learn responsibility, patience, communication skills and how to work effectively with others; they will gain confidence, self-esteem and self-respect. The wilderness can hold many exceptional life changing attributes assisting those with any number of emotional or behavioral concerns.

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