Wilderness Therapy For Internet Use Gaming Disorder

Wilderness Therapy For Internet Use Gaming Disorder

A very real problem, Internet Use Gaming Disorder has been widely talked about in recent years with the advent of the Internet and the popularity of social media. It is very common for a teenager to be buried in their phone, or to enjoy a variety of video games. However, there does come a certain point where a line is crossed.

Internet Use Gaming Disorder

Internet Use Gaming Disorder Symptoms

How can a parent tell the difference between a teen who simply spends too much time online between a teen who has a problem? Some symptoms of technology addiction include irritability or depression without access to technological devices, spending long hours on the phone, computer or gaming system without taking a break, forgetting to perform daily tasks in lieu of being online, and loss of interest in other activities.

The problems that a technological addiction can cause are many. Internet addiction can cause physical problems, such as pain and atrophy from being in one position for too long. It can also cause insomnia and sleep disturbances, as well as extreme weight gain or loss. Socially, Internet addition can cause a person to be inward and not socialize. It also formulates a complete lack of social support, and can make the use of alcohol and drugs appealing, and easy to hide. Complete isolation leads to anxiety and depression in any case.

How Wilderness Therapy Can Help

Wilderness therapy can help Internet Use Gaming Disorder because there are no technological devices allowed here. Even if a teen were to “sneak” in a smartphone, there are no cell towers in which to gain service. By completely taking the devices away, we have learned that this is the best route to teach teens that these devices are not necessary to daily survival and living. Complete abstinence from all technological devices is a hard and steadfast rule here at Rites of Passage NW, and we have had much success with this, combining technology starvation with deep, meaningful therapy.