Summer Weight Loss Camp for Kids

Summer Weight Loss Camp for Kids

Obesity in kids can come about for various reasons. Medical, poor eating habits and/or lack of exercise to name a couple. If medical reasons are the culprit, your child is more than likely under the care of a physician who is aware of the potential for further problems associated with obesity. If poor eating habits or lack of exercise is the cause of the increased weight, this is definitely behaviors that can be altered. For some reason though, kids don’t always tend to listen to the experiences of their parents as much as they do others. With the help of the Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy summer weight loss camp for kids, we can help them understand the importance and the benefits of adopting and living a healthy lifestyle.

Summer Weight Loss Camp for Kids

At Rites of Passage NW, our summer weight loss camp for kids includes activities that will challenge both the physical and the emotional abilities of the individual.

These activities will present opportunities for our students to improve on problem solving skills and gain skills in communication, co-operation and respect when in groups.

With the guidance and assistance of our qualified therapists, counselors and clinicians our students will develop a treatment strategy to reach the goals they have set for themselves while at camp as well as when they leave.

The students progress is monitored and feedback provided through individual and group therapy sessions. Evening campfire sessions allow peer to peer feedback and encouragement. This allows time for friendships and support resources to flourish.

Your child will lose weight but they will gain responsibility, self-confidence and self-respect in return.

If your would like more information pertaining to our fun, effective summer weight loss camp for kids, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy at (800)794-0980. Where progress is not measured on a scale but in the growth of self awareness.