Residential Extended Care Program

Residential Extended Care Program

Although two or more people may share a slight commonality in addictions, therapies and diagnoses, no two will necessarily progress the same in therapy treatments. This is of course, in no way a reflection of the individual, the therapy or the therapist but maybe just a matter of circumstance. The individual may have decided they weren’t ready to move on to the next stage or step in a program. Or, there may have been a mutual agreement between the individual and therapist that more time be best spent at a particular junction in therapy. If and when this occurs, the individual and/or their family may choose to attend a residential extended care program such as

Rites of Passage wilderness therapy.

The Ranch is an extended care facility specifically designed for young adults wishing to, or requiring further care and assistance in becoming clean and healthy from their addition before transitioning back into the main stream of society.

Residential Extended Care Program

For some, The Ranch is a continuation of the Rites of Passage trek program with the incorporation of a daily routine of ranch chores, community volunteering and attending school if applicable.

As a key element in the therapeutic processes, wilderness expeditions empower our students to use their strengths, skills and abilities to overcome challenges and natural obstacles.

This in turn guiding the student toward patience, maturity, self-reliance and the respect of self as well as the respect of others.

Our multilevel therapies including the therapeutic factors of the wilderness trek program, equine therapy as well as the intense one on one and group therapies make the Rites of Passage, The Ranch Long Term Care Program unique and effective.

Combining this with our holistic nutrition and transitional work programs make us the residential extended care program of choice. Contact Rites of Passage Wilderness therapy at (800)794-0980 to register today.