There’s More to a Long Term Drug Addiction Program in Washington State Than Just Quitting

It is typically a series of unfortunate events that tends to land an individual into a situation of seeking out an effective substance abuse recovery program. The ultimate goal being of course, to turn that series of events in to a positive change in lifestyle. Before reaching the long term stage in recovery, an individual has no doubt experienced one or two short term traditional substance abuse programs. These programs would have provided an individual with a glimpse of a clean and healthy style of life. This taste of clarity is sometimes all that’s needed to benefit most from a long term drug addiction program in Washington State.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in Washington State

Becoming clean is more than just quitting a drug habit. The chances of relapse can be staggering. A complete change in lifestyle is what is required for most individuals. From an early stage an effective drug addiction program will assist every client in building the foundation necessary to make that change; starting with providing a safe, stable and supportive environment and building relationships based on respect. Working closely with in house certified therapists, chemical dependence counselors, nutritionists, educators, life skills coaches and even equine therapy specialists, clients will begin their stay by creating a plan for their recovery. This plan will be based on their own goals and interests.

Aside from daily therapy sessions, clients will be doing their part in the operation of the facility; completing daily chores while increasing their own confidence and abilities. Through all activities including food and nutrition, attending school, volunteering, transitional work programs, and wilderness treks and adventures, individuals will develop and strengthen the physical, emotional and social muscles required for setting a new course in life.

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