Continue the Trek with a Residential Extended Care Program in North America

Against great odds in some cases, individuals seek the help they need for emotional and behavioral concerns that may have been manifesting for a long period of time. It is hoped this initial rehabilitation program will the motivating factor needed to show these individuals the path to a better quality of life. Unfortunately, the deeper ingrained a specific behavior is, the longer it may take to change. Following an initial program, an extremely effective residential extended care program in North America can assist in making these lifestyle changes permanent.
Residential Extended Care in North America
A program in which clients are completely immersed allows for a consistent flow of therapy. Full immersion also provides the opportunity to put into practice the desired changes as repetition reinforces specific behaviors. Using the wilderness as a therapeutic tool, clients will engage in wilderness treks and adventures; they will face challenges, overcome obstacles and learn new methods of coping with their successes as well as failures. Whether working in a group setting or independently, clients will learn to communicate effectively, take on leadership roles learning patience and exploring their own core values and beliefs.

Integrating a holistic nutrition program, equine therapy, community volunteering, education and transitional work programs will assist in preparing clients for their move home and back into the mainstream of society. The culmination of all facets of this program will allow clients to develop or regain the confidence and strength needed to move forward toward a clean, sober and healthier style of life.

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