Programs for Troubled Young Adults

Programs for Troubled Young Adults

It is rather unfortunate, but there really is no age limit on making poor life choices. In many cases, bad decisions may have been made during a persons young teens and carried over into their late teens to early twenties. This possibly due to the lack of adequate treatment, another poor decision or a relapse back to an old one. Regardless of what happened, it did happen. The task now of the family, friends or even the individual is to find a solution; an effective program that empowers young adults to break destructive habits. At Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy, we offer effective programs for troubled young adults.

Whether addicted to drugs or alcohol, suffer from anxiety, depression or any other behavioral or emotional issues, we may be able to assist you. Our programs specifically designed for young adults may be what you or your child is seeking to get on the road to recovery and a healthier lifestyle.

For those troubled young adults entering our programs for the first time, the process may seem slightly daunting as we take the individual outside of their home or daily environment.
programs for troubled young adults.

This is done to free the individual from any negative influences that may interfere with the therapeutic process. From here the healing can begin.

From gaining an understanding of self-concept, to recognizing and utilizing inner strengths and resources, our students gain the confidence to become self-reliant and taking responsibility for their own daily needs.

Intense but nurturing group and individual therapy with experienced, certified clinicians twice per day get to the root of any underlying concerns of the student.

For those troubled young adults that may require further care, Rites of Passage extended care facility provides more structured preparatory work programs for troubled young adults.

These programs allow our students to heal at their own pace as they continue to receive the same high quality, mulch-levelled therapies to prepare them to transition back into society. Call Rites of Passage today at (800)794-0980 to learn more about our effective programs.