Summer Weight Loss Camp for Kids in the Northwest

Kids don’t always fully understand why they are heavier than other kids. Kids of all ages however, understand name calling, teasing and bullying can hurt.Many people, including some adults are not aware of the negative ramifications name calling and such can have on kids. Enduring this type of behavior from others often leads to emotional concerns such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence and anxiety just to name a few. It is important these kids understand they are not alone in their struggles. A summer weight loss camp for kids in the Northwest will not only encourage them to accept who they are but teach them about healthy living.

Summer Weight Loss Camp for Kids in the Northwest

Suffering from emotional problems such as those mentioned above, kids will develop methods of coping in any number of ways. Unfortunately, these methods may take the form of making poor choices such as over eating, in turn, worsening their weight problem. A summer weight loss camp that puts a positive twist on a traditional fat camp will have these kids understanding they have the strength and ability to make the necessary changes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Not void of physical activity, kids will be engaged from the start of camp and well beyond the end learning new methods of dealing with the everyday challenges they may face. They will learn to take responsibility for themselves and the choices they make. They will learn how and why to make healthy food choices; preparing delicious, nutritious meals. Kids will learn quickly as they will be responsible for preparing meals at camp.

Daily counseling with certified therapists will ensure there are no underlying concerns with these kids. Through group sessions as well as peer to peer mentoring, strong support bonds will be formed throughout the summer.

For more information about our summer weight loss camp for kids in the Northwest, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980. You won’t be believe the difference a summer can make.