Responsibility and Education Key at a Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the Northwest

The teen aged years have to be the most difficult in life; constantly hoping that the changes felt on the inside are not showing on the outside. Trying to handle all the social issues facing kids at this age can cause a great deal of stress which can ignite any number of emotional issues which could lead to over eating. From another angle, a habit of over eating causing obesity can elicit any number of emotional problems. No matter which path may have been taken, there is an effective solution to both. If your overweight teen is seeking to change their eating behaviors, an effective camp for overweight teenagers in the Northwest may be the answer. Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the Northwest The first thought of a camp for overweight teens is that of large people in baggy sweats doing jumping jacks, push-ups and tripping over tires on a football field. Not all camps are modeled after a traditional fat camp. Some take an alternative approach to weight loss such as the changing of behaviors through responsibility and education. Although weight loss will no doubt be evident by the end of camp due to various outdoor activities, students must first accept responsibility for themselves. It is important that each individual understands they are responsible for the choices they make and the actions they take; this is an integral part of the behavior changing process. Excessive weight gain is not due only to how much is eaten but what is eaten. A camp which includes a complete nutritional program will educate students in the preparation of delicious holistic foods. Including family in this portion of camp will ensure the continuation of support upon the return home. Daily sessions with a certified therapist will reveal any underlying emotional concerns which may be a factor in an individuals over eating. These concerns can then be treated greatly enhancing the successful change to a healthier lifestyle. For more information regarding this very effective camp for overweight teenagers in the Northwest, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980