Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention in the present. We teach our students to be mindful, so they are able to observe their thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judgment. Instead of letting their life pass them by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience. Mindfulness goes hand in hand with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and is unsurpassed in dealing with anxiety, depression and negative thinking.mindfulness

Did you know that taking 10 minutes out of your day to do nothing can actually prevent depression, anxiety, stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed?

Many people practice meditation to deal with these issues as they come up, much like one would take an aspirin for a headache — but actually meditating and clearing your mind of all thoughts for 10 minutes a day can prevent these issues from presenting in the first place. Watch this TEDTalks for more information: All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes 

Mindfulness Meditation:

While being in nature is a meditation in itself, we also incorporate guided meditation for our students. Meditating and contemplating the day ahead allows for a positive mindset. Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient practice that involves attending to the present moment with non-judgmental acceptance. While Mindfulness can be practiced during meditation, it can also be practiced in everyday situations to improve emotional, mental and physical health. Our field counselors encourage the practice of mindfulness on trail hikes, beach walks, mountain ascents, and during sunset meditation and yoga.