Long Term International Drug Addiction Program

Long Term International Drug Addiction Program

Having a drug addiction can be quite draining both emotionally and physically. Addiction can make daily life a struggle; its devastating and debilitating effects take hold, slowly dragging the individual down toward the proverbial rock bottom. Many, including an addict themselves, may not fully understand just how deep rooted a drug addiction can actually be. Those individuals fortunate enough to get a feel for how great life can be in a clean and sober state may want to take treatment to the next level. Attending an internationally known long term international drug addiction program would be the next step in leading a clean and sober lifestyle.

Long Term International Drug Addiction Program

In a safe and supportive environment, clients will take part in a number of activities both structured and not, freeing then to take responsibility for the choices they make and the actions they take. They will gain insight into their values and become personally invested in becoming productive members of society.

Tasked with daily chores related to the operation of the facility gives each individual a sense of purpose and the time to reflect on past behaviors and future goals. Trek expeditions and the integration of equine therapy will guide clients toward self-reliance, self-confidence, respect for themselves and others and patience.

A complete nutrition program will have these individuals preparing their own nutritious, delicious holistic meals allowing them to become healthy from the inside out.

Daily intense but nurturing individual, group and peer to peer counseling with certified therapists will reveal any underlying issues such as anger, depression, anxiety or life management problems that may have been suppressed by drug use. Dealing with these issues may be the key to recovery.

When ready, attending school, volunteering in the community, engaging in transitional work programs and mentoring other clients will begin preparation for integration home.

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