Long Term Drug Rehab Program in the NW

Long Term Drug Rehab Program in the NW

Having a teen or young adult addicted to drugs is an absolute devastating situation. The constant threat or possibility of destructive behaviors can be nerve wracking to say the least placing a tremendous amount of stress on the whole family. The day the individual comes to the realization and admits there is a problem is a happy occasion. The day they commit to a program and begin the journey to recovery, is a day for celebration. For some addicts, entering a program such as the Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy Trek Program may take them to full acceptance and recovery. Others however, may wish to extend their care at a long term drug rehab program in the NW ensuring they are completely clean, healthy and ready to transition back with family.

Long Term Drug Rehab Program in the NW

The Ranch Long Term Care Program at Rites of Passage is another step on the road to recovery. Our multi-leveled therapeutic processes continue including the wilderness adventure trek programs but our expectations from our residents increase. A structured daily schedule will have the students completing ranch chores, attending school if applicable and volunteering in the community.

In addition to the trek program we have also incorporated equine therapy which can promote positive emotional, social and responsive behaviors. As our residents remain responsible for preparing and cooking their meals at both The Ranch and on the trails, they continue to learn about holistic nutrition.

As with all of our programs at Rites of Passage, this program also contains four phases.

As residents transition from each phase embracing their treatment goals, more community level activities are added, eventually becoming a mentor for new residents, practicing the skills they have learned throughout their journey. By the time residents are ready to leave our long term drug rehab program in the NW, they will have the ability make healthy choices and accept the responsibility and consequences of those choices.

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