Long Term Drug Rehab Center

Long Term Drug Rehab Center

Individuals from every walk of life can succumb to the clutches of substance abuse. No one is really immune to the long reaching tentacles of the devastating effects that can develop from having a dependency on drugs. For the many individuals that realize their lives are not going in the direction they envisioned due to substance abuse, help is available. For those that are looking to continue their recovery, Rites of Passage NW, long term drug rehab center is a safe and supportive environment to change their behaviors and continue the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Long Term Drug Rehab Center

There are numerous reasons for people to turn to and eventually become addicted to drugs. It may have started out as a choice to experiment, recreational use or to cope with the pressures of the workplace. There are factors however, that may have the potential to put some at more risk then others at becoming chemically dependent.

These factors may include;

  • Those with psychological or emotional issues such as ADHD, PTSD, depression or anxiety may turn to drugs in order to cope with these afflictions.
  • Those with a family history of addiction.
  • Lack of family involvement; being estranged or having a lack of attachment to parents or caregivers, could be a potential trigger to the use of drugs.
  • The ever present sense of peer pressure can certainly steer toward substance abuse.

At Rites of Passage NW long term drug rehab center, our unique multi-levelled, empowerment therapy approach, assists our residents to recover a sense or purpose, belonging and a sense of personal fulfillment. Our intense but nurturing group and individual therapy sessions gain insight into underlying issues.

At Rites of Passage, we treat the whole individual, not just the symptoms.

To see if our long term drug rehab center is the right choice for you, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.