Long Term Drug Addiction Program

Long Term Drug Addiction Program

The word ‘help’ seems like such a simple word but one of the hardest words to utter by someone with emotional and behavioral issues or drug and alcohol addiction. When the word is finally spoken, it is a tremendous milestone for both the individual and their loved ones. This word alone can signify the journey to recovery can begin. Often times, when an initial recovery program is completed, the individual decides to take the recovery process a step further to become completely clean and healthy before returning to the mainstream of society. When this decision is made, it is a good time to investigate Rites of Passage NW, The Ranch long term drug addiction program to bring yours or your loved ones recovery from drug addiction to the next level.

 long term drug addiction program

At Rites of Passage our long term drug addiction program consists of four phases. A very brief description of these phases are as follows.

  • During the first phase , residents work with our team of therapists and life skills counselors to develop a treatment strategy. Our residents get used to the flow of ranch life and sign up for our local community classes and groups and volunteer opportunities.
  • In phase two, residents are integrated into the community via the many support groups. Intense individual, group and chemical dependent therapies would be in full swing as well as life skills classes.
  • Putting to practice what has been learned is the goal of the third phase. Attending 12 step classes and/or becoming actively engaged in the group dynamics of the ranch.
  • The fourth phase consists of the exploration of life after care. Our staff will assist our residents to explore, navigate and set up all options that may be available to them.

For a more in depth description of our long term drug addiction program, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy (800)794-0980.