Long Term Drug Addiction Program

Long Term Drug Addiction Program

Taking the necessary time required to overcome at drug addiction is most important. Any addiction program started should be completed. Time is relative in this case however, as a time limit cannot realistically be placed on recovery time. For those just finishing an initial treatment program, there is always the option of continuing on with a longer term program. Locating a program with the safe, secure and supportive environment best suited for those seeking to become completely clean and healthy is an important factor. Choosing Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy long term drug addiction program would be the right choice.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in Seattle

Our four phase program is actually based on a rites of passage model. Our residents move on as they are ready, when they have a full understanding of the lessons being taught and learned in each phase. Each phase posing challenges and obstacles that our residents are empowered to overcome.

Starting off in phase one, residents become accustomed to ranch life. They work with their therapist to develop a treatment plan based on the individuals long term goals and interests. During this phase residents may be mentored by residents who have reached phase four.

In phase two, residents will continue individual and group therapies.

They will begin having discussions with our chemical dependence team and integrate into the community via support groups. They will continue with life skills classes as they get to know other residents.

During phase three, residents put into practice in their day to day living what they have been learning. Motivating each other, residents explore new activities of interest on the weekends as they learn new behaviors.

In phase four, residents become mentors of new residents and begin to look at after care options, such as support groups and work programs.

To learn more of our long term drug addiction program contact us today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy (800)794-0980.