Long Term Care Program in Seattle

Long Term Care Program in Seattle

For many suffering from drug and/or alcohol addictions as well as other behavioral or emotional concerns, spending time in an initial treatment program similar to that of the Rites of Passage NW wilderness trek program may just be the beginning of the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Each individual learns, adapts and makes changes at a different pace. There is no set time for these things to happen. When a person feels they require more time to make the changes they require to reach their long term goals of getting clean and healthy, it is reassuring to know at Rites of Passages NW Wilderness Therapy we also offer a long term care program in Seattle.

Long Term Care Program

Understanding people heal much better in a respectful and supportive environment, our long term care program continues to encourage our residents to make healthy choices and accept both the responsibility and consequences of those choices.

Upon arrival at Rites of Passage NW, The Ranch, our residents work with their therapist to create a goal plan. Knowing what the treatment goals are allows the therapist and resident to develop a specifically designed strategy to reach those goals. This strategy will definitely involve intense one on one as well as group therapy, taking life skills classes, wilderness treks and adventures, health and nutrition as well as attending school if applicable.

Therapy may also involve volunteering in the community and eventually mentoring new residents to the program.
Being more structured, our long term care program also includes taking on daily ranch chores. This not only eliminates distractions for our residents considering their path in life but allows them to work cooperatively with others. It also allows them to regain a sense of purpose, belonging and personal fulfillment. 

For more information regarding our effective long term care program in Seattle, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy at (800)794-0980. For long term health, wellness and sobriety.