Long Term Care Program

Long Term Care Program

It can never be suggested that breaking the habit of certain behaviors is a simple task. Really, only those who have ever found themselves in this unfortunate position can comment on any level of difficulty and length of time it takes to accomplish any change. For those that have personal behaviors that need to be changed as a matter of personal health and wellness, have sought out initial help but feel more time is required, there are other options. Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, The Ranch long term care program has been specifically designed for young adults who have been through our trek programs or require more time to become clean and healthy before transitioning back to their families or into the main stream of society.

An extension of our trek program, The ranch long term care program builds on the premise of guiding our students to accept responsibility for their actions.
Long Term Care Program

A more structured routine consisting of daily ranch chores allows them to face their challenges in a healthy manner. Our therapeutic approaches including wilderness expeditions empower our students to achieve self-reliance, self-respect and patience.

Within this program, we integrate equine therapies to promote emotional and physical growth and holistic nutrition to encourage healthy eating habits. Transitional work programs allow our students to focus on their long term treatment goals.

Our Rites of Passage, The Ranch long term care program is for you or the young adult you care about that needs that extra time to ensure a clean and healthy lifestyle is on their horizon and to feel emotionally prepared to step back into the main stream without fear of setback.

For more information regarding our long term care program, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy (800)794-0980.