Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in the NW

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in the NW

It is never easy for a parent to watch their child wrestle with alcohol and drugs. Some teens just simply go through a brief experimentation phase, and while parents worry, the teens quickly realize that they’ve gotten on the wrong track. Other teens may end up needing weekly therapy, or some guidance from school staff. However, some teens may require a more intense program to help them rediscover life without the use of alcohol. Alcohol can be a tough thing to combat, especially with its social acceptance in modern society. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we have a long term alcohol rehab treatment center in the NW for those teens that need help coming to terms with their alcohol addiction.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program in the NW

Here at Rites of Passage NW, our students will learn about accountability and responsibility. Teens are expected to take part in daily chores, and participate in introspective journal writing. Teens are also required to pitch in and volunteer in the local community, preparing them for gainful employment after their successful discharge from the program. Kids will learn how to be a team player, and also better social interaction skills with their peers and parents.

Part of what makes our program so unique is the combination of different therapies. We do offer individual counseling as well as group therapy, but we also offer unique experiences to our students, such as equine therapy, wilderness therapy, and rites of passage therapy. We have found when troubled teens get back to nature a bit, they better understand their own lives and their worth.

For more information about our long term alcohol rehab treatment center in the NW, or to learn more about Rites of Passage NW, give us a call today at (800)794-0980. Our friendly and well-trained staff wants to see every troubled teen on the road to recovery.