Life Changing Wilderness Adventure Therapy in North America

Life Changing Wilderness Adventure Therapy in North America

It can no doubt seem quite frustrating to an individual and the family of an individual seeking help for any number of behavioral or emotional concerns, in finding the therapeutic program with the answers they are looking for or the treatment they desire. Suffering from substance abuse, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or other behavioral concerns can often elicit poor choices, poor behaviors and devastating consequences in a young individual. Quite often, one of the best ways of changing poor behavior, is to learn new, less destructive behaviors. With life changing wilderness adventure therapy in North America, not only will new exciting behaviors be learned, any root causes of the poor behaviors will be discovered and treated.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy in North America

Removing one's self from the environment that may be a contributing factor to their poor behaviors allows an individual to focus on themselves, their treatment and their personal growth. They will understand they are responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions.

An effective wilderness adventure therapy program will empower individuals to stand on their own two feet as they take responsibility for their shelter, meal preparation and navigation. They will learn to work with others in a productive manner; forming friendships and support. Using the skills and abilities within themselves as well as new methods learned from others, they will overcome natural obstacles and learn new methods of dealing with the challenges of daily life.

While the wilderness adventure develops confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem, individuals will learn that nutrition is also key to a healthy lifestyle. These therapeutic techniques in conjunction with an intense but nurturing process of individual and group therapy will access any deeper emotions which may have contributed to poor choices being made; essentially treating the whole individual and not just their symptoms.

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