How Wilderness Therapy Can Help Your Child Reconnect from Marijuana Abuse

How Wilderness Therapy Can Help Your Child Reconnect from Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana use often starts as a social or recreational drug, much like alcohol. In group settings, the sense of calm, open, creativity that marijuana can give someone may help them interact with others by reducing their inhibitions. In many cases, the appeal of using marijuana is less about the direct effects of the drug and more about the secondary social benefits derived from this inhibition.

Unfortunately, what starts out as a means to connect socially can become a catalyst for disconnection. In youth, it is common to see a change in their circle of friends, a loss of interest in former activities, a decline in academics, and disruptions within the family. As the body begins to rely more and more on an external source of emotional regulation, the dependence on marijuana use increases for your child. This is what creates the disruptive spiral of marijuana abuse.

What was once a means of connection becomes a means of disconnection from stressors, anxieties, and other negative emotions. The problem is that the marijuana use is often the contributing factor to the very emotions your child is seeking release from. But instead of letting go of the marijuana use, and it’s seeming social benefits of acceptance, your child begins letting go of the healthy aspects of life such as family relationships, school, and positive social activities.

By incorporating effective therapy within a natural setting, wilderness therapy can be a powerful tool for breaking your child free from the cycles of marijuana abuse. The wilderness is the ideal setting for engaging youth in the present moment, in the realities of the here and now. There is no escaping the elements. Checking out gets you no where. The challenges that a wilderness therapy program for youth present require an immediate, engaged response, and the sense of accomplishment earned by overcoming those challenges is an enlivening reward.

By engaging in practical skills such as fire building, outdoor cooking, and backpacking in conjunction with group and individual therapy, Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy can help your child overcome their dependence on marijuana and their desire to escape.

Rites of Passage is a Washington teen therapy program located near Seattle, Washington on the east side of the Olympic National Park. We backpack on trails through the park and surrounding national forests, camping on beaches and mountain tops and beside rivers. This wild and natural setting is the perfect environment for engaging your child in the process of recovery. Our expedition-style program is unique from other Washington treatment programs for teens as we seek to engage your child on a holistic level with mind, body, and emotion.

Addiction is not a single-facet issue, so treatment is not a single-facet solution. To learn more about how Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy can help you and your child, please reach out to us by phone at (360) 927-6404 or by email at roptherapy@gmail.com. With more than ten years of experience helping families recover from drug addiction and mental health struggles, we want to stand with you now and walk through this troubling season with you. You are not alone. Give us a call.