An Exciting and Successful Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the USA

An Exciting and Successful Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the USA

The excitement of millions of teenagers is building right across the nation. Then again, so are the feelings of nervousness and even stress for some. School is starting up again and there are without a doubt, a number of mixed feelings going through the minds of every teenaged student returning to school. Some will be excited to see old friends and make new ones, others will be nervous about being current in any new fashions that may have come out. Another group of teenaged students will be experiencing stress and anxiety over their appearance. Despite trying very hard, these individuals are still considered to be overweight. Before returning to school this year, consider attending a highly regardedcamp for overweight teenagers in the USA.
An Exciting and Successful Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the USA
Being in the company of other teenagers experiencing similar difficulties with weight loss will form a solid system of support. Spending time with others that share many of the same emotional concerns and physical restrictions that tend to accompany obesity will also forge lifelong friendships.

This is not a "fat camp;" students will experience:
  • physical activities requiring the use of skills and abilities already possessed and learning new ones as they overcome some of life's natural obstacles.
  • the preparation of delicious, nutritious holistic foods; learning that a diet is about what is eaten and not just about how much is eaten.
  • traditional, intense but nurturing therapies with certified therapists, counselors and nutritionists. Understanding any underlying issues such as depression or anxiety can often lead to the root reasons for over eating.

Following camp, these students will be ready for school, exhibiting loads of self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and the knowledge and ability to develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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