Programs for Building Self Confidence in Teens & Young Adults

Programs for Building Self Confidence in Teens & Young Adults

Horses as Healers: Why Equine Therapy Yields Amazing Results

Equine therapy is a highly successful form of treatment for a variety of mental and behavioral related disorders. Horses provide a great way for troubled teens and young adults to build self-confidence and develop responsibility. This form of treatment promotes emotional growth and development, and when conducted in combination with other forms of therapy, yields extraordinary results. When it comes to effective programs for building self confidence in teens, and young adults equine therapy can be extremely beneficial and enjoyable.


What is equine therapy?

Equine therapy is the practice of using horses and horse-related activities as a treatment for behavioral disorders, mental illness, and substance abuse. Also known as horse therapy or hippotherapy, equine therapy focuses on activities like horseback riding, horse care, grooming procedures and saddlery as a means of treatment for individual afflictions.

Equine therapy has been a proven method in treating:

The positive effects of equine therapy

Therapeutic horseback riding and horse care are successful tools in building individual self-confidence and self-reliance. Because horses and humans have similar behavioral patterns, it is easy for participants of equine therapy to form a connection with their animal partner and to let down the guards they put up in interactions with peers. Equine therapy challenges participants to follow directions, build trust and remain attentive.

The results are that individuals:

  • Communicate better
  • Develop social skills
  • Acquire impulse control
  • Learn boundaries
  • Gain perspective
  • Cultivate patience

Utilizing equine therapy in traditional therapy

Horses provide a great way to treat troubled teens and young adults who are otherwise resistant to therapy. Incorporating equine therapy into a traditional therapeutic model is highly beneficial to the patient. The emotional control and self-discipline that is gained through equine therapy is a compliment to additional forms to treatment. Individuals become more open and willing participants in their own treatment as a result of equine therapy. The responsibilities and challenges that come from working with horses foster maturity within the individuals, facilitating them in becoming a part of their own solution. Teens and young adults will become more actively engaged in psychotherapy and other forms of treatment through their work with horses. 

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