Educational and Therapeutic Consulting

Educational and Therapeutic Consulting

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Here at Rites of Passage NW, we like nothing more than when a teen successfully leaves our program after completion. However, the transition between safe, guarded wilderness program and real life is not always an easy one. While we do provide aftercare in the form of therapy and medical follow-up, teens may often have a hard time picking back up in school, or continuing their education.

Educational and Therapeutic Consulting


Because of this, each teenager is assigned an educational consultant upon discharge that closely works with them and their families. Our teens learn excellent coping skills while in the program, but may need some help when it comes time to put them to use.


What is an Education Consultant?

What does an educational consultant do? This consultant not only works with the family and child, but with schools in the area, deciding on what school is the best fit for the teenager returning to real life. It is often not successful for a teen to return exactly to where they were having problems, but there also could be no problem at all.

An education consultant carefully reviews each individual case and all of the parameters involved to help families make the right decision. Here at Rites of Passage NW, we consider this to be part of our aftercare program, to help keep teens on the right track.