Developing the Necessary Tools with Wilderness Therapy in North America

Developing the Necessary Tools with Wilderness Therapy in North America

At any given point in time there is an exponential number of children and young adults across the United States suffering from one or more emotional, behavioral or substance abuse concerns. Add in the number of affected youth in the rest of North America and around the world and that sums up to an astronomical number of kids in need of help. It can never be argued that seeking treatment for these individuals should be a priority in any country. Assisting troubled youth, even those in the international community develop the tools necessary to break self-destructive behaviors and make healthier choices is a safe, secure and supportive environment offering a variety of wilderness therapy programs within North America.

Wilderness Therapy in North America

It may not be unusual for some to believe that challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, obesity, chemical dependence or substance abuse as well as other emotional or behavioral disorders are solely individual concerns; the effects of these individuals behaviors however, can be long reaching and be quite destructive to an entire family unit. An alternative, holistic approach to a tough love boot camp, an effective therapy program will combine traditional counseling with natural health and wellness. Empowering students to draw on their own skills and strengths, they first must understand they are responsible for their own choices and the consequences of their actions.

Students will face natural challenges and work with others to overcome obstacles; learning to work together and communicate effectively. Students will take responsibility for their own cooking, shelter and navigation developing self-reliance, self-respect and the confidence to break self-destructive behaviors and make better choices. Among the life changing activities being experienced, students will continue with intense but nurturing therapies to access any underlying concerns which may be influencing poor choices. For more information regarding these effective wilderness therapy program in North America, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, (800)794-0980. Helping our troubled youth make better choices.