Depression Wilderness Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

It has been estimated that one in twelve teens may be suffering from the symptoms of depression. Being the leading cause of disability in the United States, depression can be such a debilitating affliction. Its symptoms absolutely devastating to any individual unless caught early and treatment administered. Symptoms of depression such as:
  • Feeling tired with low energy levels
  • Feeling of sadness most of the time
  • A loss if interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Feelings of constant guilt
  • Feelings of worthlessness
Depression Wilderness Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

These symptoms can and will get worse very rapidly without the intervention of some form of therapeutic treatment. An effective depression wilderness therapy for teens and young adults can provide such a therapeutic intervention.

There are a number of influential factors that can contribute to the symptoms of depression. These factors may include: family history, genetics, medical conditions, environmental situation, social conditions, level of activity and diet.

A premise of wilderness therapy is to remove an individual from any negative environmental influences and provide them with an opportunity to regain or develop an understanding of themselves; to realize their potential, abilities and strengths. With a combination of the challenges of wilderness therapy and intense but nurturing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and group therapy, individuals will be able to change any negative behaviors into a positive, productive, active style of life.

A high intake sugars, food additives and processed foods is believed to wreak havoc on the body’s natural chemical balance, contributing to fatigue, lack of energy and scattered thoughts. By learning how to find and prepare delicious, nutritious meals will benefit, onto only an individual in wilderness therapy but their whole family for a lifetime.

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