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Top 5 Reasons to Seek Outdoor Adventure Therapy for Teens

In the journey of adolescent growth, the challenges can sometimes feel insurmountable. Here at Rites Of Passage, we've seen firsthand how the great outdoors offers more than just a breath of fresh air—it's a catalyst for profound transformation. Our outdoor adventure therapy program is meticulously designed to support your young adult, blending the healing power of nature with structured group therapy sessions and personalized one-on-one counseling. Here are the top five reasons why venturing into the wilderness could be the turning point your teen needs.

1. Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

Facing and overcoming the challenges presented by nature, teens discover their inner strength. Each step taken on a hike, every paddle stroke in a kayak, builds not just muscle but confidence. Our program guides them, allowing each success in the wilderness to translate into a powerful boost in self-esteem.

2. Enhancing Social Skills

Group activities in the great outdoors necessitate teamwork, communication, and empathy. As your teen collaborates with peers to navigate through challenges, they learn invaluable social skills. This sense of community and belonging fosters their ability to form healthy relationships.

3. Promoting Physical Health

The physical activity involved in outdoor adventures is a natural mood enhancer. It improves physical health, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promotes better sleep patterns—essential components of overall well-being.

4. Connecting with Nature

Our connection to nature is intrinsic. Being in the wilderness helps teens unplug from technology and the pressures of daily life, offering them the clarity and peace that come from being part of something greater than themselves.

5. Developing Coping Strategies

Outdoor adventure therapy is challenging; it's meant to be. Facing these challenges, teens learn resilience and adaptability. They develop coping strategies that are not only useful in the wilderness but are transferable to their everyday lives, helping them navigate the ups and downs with greater ease. At Rites Of Passage, we believe in the transformative power of nature combined with therapeutic guidance. Our outdoor adventure therapy for teens is more than just a program—it's a journey toward healing, growth, and self-discovery. Call us at (800) 794-0980 for more information on our program and various therapeutic offerings.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Understanding Dual Diagnosis: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults At Rites Of Passage, we recognize the complexities of mental health challenges, especially when they intersect with substance abuse. This condition, known as dual diagnosis, demands a nuanced approach to treatment, particularly in teens and young adults. Here, we begin getting into what dual diagnosis entails and how outdoor adventure therapy can serve as an effective treatment method:

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to the co-occurrence of a mental health disorder and a substance abuse problem. This can range from depression coupled with alcoholism to anxiety paired with drug abuse. Recognizing dual diagnosis is crucial because treating one condition while neglecting the other is often ineffective.

The Challenge of Dual Diagnosis in Teens and Young Adults

Young individuals face unique pressures that can exacerbate dual diagnosis. The combination of developmental changes, societal expectations, and the quest for identity can make traditional treatment modalities less effective. That's where Rites Of Passage steps in, offering a specialized approach to address these challenges head-on.

The Role of Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Our outdoor adventure therapy integrates physical activities with therapeutic interventions in a natural setting to promote healing from dual diagnosis. Here's how it benefits our participants:
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Completing challenges boosts confidence.
  • Improved Mental Health: Physical activity reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Natural Environment: The outdoors provides a calming backdrop that facilitates introspection and growth.

Our Programs at Rites Of Passage

We feature structured programs and counseling tailored to the unique needs of each participant, including:
  • Weekly enrollment options
  • A comprehensive 6-week program
These programs incorporate outdoor adventure therapy as a core component alongside traditional therapeutic modalities, ensuring a holistic approach to dual diagnosis treatment. At Rites Of Passage, we believe in the transformative power of combining nature with nurture. We aim to empower teens and young adults to overcome dual diagnosis by harnessing their inner strength and the healing power of the outdoors. For more information on how we can support you or your loved one, explore our weekly enrollment options or our immersive 6-week program. Together, we can embark on a journey towards healing and self-discovery. To learn more about our programs, call (800) 794-0980.

Embracing Nature’s Therapeutic Power: Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers at Rites of Passage

Embracing Nature’s Therapeutic Power: Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers at Rites of Passage In a world where teenagers are increasingly bogged down by the pressures of modern society, finding solace and a path to self-improvement can be a daunting task. For many, the conventional therapy settings and methodologies fall short of addressing their unique challenges. This is where Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers comes into play, offering a transformative experience that merges the healing power of nature with structured therapeutic interventions. Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy stands at the forefront of this innovative approach, providing a beacon of hope and change for adolescents struggling with emotional and behavioral concerns.

The Unique Approach of Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers is not just another outdoor program; it's a journey toward self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. At Rites of Passage, this journey takes the form of expedition-based wilderness therapy programs, meticulously designed for adolescents aged 11-17, as well as adults aged 18-30+. These programs address a wide array of challenges, including: Unlike traditional boot camps, Rites of Passage’s programs are therapeutic rather than punitive, focusing on nurturing growth and healing rather than enforcing discipline. This distinction is crucial, as it aligns with the core philosophy of Wilderness Therapy: to facilitate positive change through empathy, understanding, and connection with the natural world. Programs For Troubled Teens

Key Benefits of Wilderness Therapy at Rites of Passage

Enhanced Self-esteem and Self-reliance

Oftentimes troubled youth begins with self-esteem and self reliance. One of the most significant benefits of Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers at ROP, is our ability to design the programs specifically for troubled youth with self-esteem issues.  Through carefully crafted challenges and activities, students at Rites of Passage discover their inner strengths and abilities, many of which they were previously unaware. This realization fosters a newfound sense of confidence and independence.

Development of Social Skills

The communal living and teamwork aspects of the wilderness expeditions encourage the development of essential social skills. Participants learn to communicate effectively, work collaboratively towards common goals, and support one another through challenges. These social skills are vital for personal and professional success beyond the program.

Connection with Nature

In today’s digital age, many teenagers have lost their connection with the natural world. Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers rekindles this connection, offering profound psychological and emotional benefits. Nature’s inherent tranquility and beauty provide a stark contrast to the chaos of modern life, allowing participants to find peace and clarity.

Physical and Mental Challenges

The expeditions are designed to challenge students both physically and mentally, promoting growth in both areas. These challenges push participants out of their comfort zones, teaching them resilience, perseverance, and the value of hard work. Overcoming these obstacles instills a sense of accomplishment and readiness to face life's challenges.

Individualized Therapeutic Support

Rites of Passage offers a unique blend of field instruction, mentorship, and therapeutic support tailored to each participant's needs. This personalized approach ensures that every individual receives the guidance and support necessary for their personal development journey.

Program Structure and Activities

Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers is not a one-size-fits-all program. The activities and therapeutic interventions are customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of each participant. Some of the core elements include:
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities: These may include hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking, among others, designed to build skills, confidence, and a sense of achievement.
  • Therapeutic Sessions: Both group and individual sessions are conducted in the wilderness, providing a unique setting for introspection and discussion.
  • Skill Development: Participants learn valuable survival and life skills, enhancing their self-sufficiency and resilience.
  • Community Living: Living in a group setting teaches responsibility, cooperation, and the importance of community.


Wilderness Therapy Treatment for Teenagers at Rites of Passage is more than just an outdoor experience; it's a profound journey of transformation. By combining the healing power of nature with targeted therapeutic interventions, Rites of Passage offers a unique and effective solution for adolescents and young adults facing emotional and behavioral challenges. This program is a catalyst for change, providing the tools, skills, and experiences necessary for participants to embark on a new direction in life. For those seeking an alternative to traditional therapy that promises maximum fun, honest confrontation of issues, and a supportive environment, Wilderness Therapy at Rites of Passage is the answer.

Help Your Teen Win the Battle Over Anxiety

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children. Unfortunately, life can be tough on teens, causing anxiety and other mental health issues. There is hope with Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy treatment for anxiety in Washington. Our programs involve a combination of outdoor activities, therapy sessions, and life skills training. We take a holistic approach to treatment, addressing well-being's physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Our goal is to help youths develop coping skills and build resilience. Evidence-based therapies include Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. These therapies prove to be effective in treating anxiety. Our goal is to help youths overcome anxiety and build a foundation for a fulfilling life. We aim to equip them with the tools to manage anxiety and improve their overall mental health. We want them to develop a sense of self-worth and improve their overall relationships with others. We provide ongoing support to families. Our team includes therapists, counselors, and outdoor experts who dedicate themselves to helping young people. We offer individual therapy sessions, group therapy, and family therapy to provide the support needed to succeed. The cost of our wilderness therapy program varies depending on the length of treatment and the level of care required. We offer programs ranging from 6 to 12 weeks. Longer programs are available for those who require more intensive care. Wilderness therapy treatment for anxiety in Washington provides hope. Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy is dedicated to helping teens manage anxiety. Our holistic approach to treatment, evidence-based therapies, and ongoing support make us an excellent choice for families seeking help for their children. Contact us today at (800) 794-0980 to learn more about our program and how we can help your teen cope with the real world.

Rites of Passage Proudly Offers Extended Care Program for Adolescents in the USA

Rites of Passage Proudly Offers Extended Care Program for Adolescents in the USA Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy is proud to offer a residential extended care program in North America-USA, designed to help adolescents struggling with various emotional and behavioral challenges. Our program provides a supportive and therapeutic environment where participants work through issues and develop the skills they need to thrive. Our comprehensive residential extended care program provides various services to support our participants’ overall well-being. Some of the services and programs we offer include:
  • Participants are assigned a licensed therapist to work with them one-on-one to address specific needs and goals.
  • Our group therapy sessions provide your child with the opportunity to connect with peers who are facing similar challenges.
  • Our wilderness therapy program helps build self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn new skills and overcome obstacles.
  • We also offer educational support to help participants stay on track with their academic goals while in our therapy program.
Some of the goals we set for our wilderness program include:
  • Developing healthy coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • Improving communication and social skills to build positive relationships with others.
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence to help participants achieve their goals and succeed in their personal and professional lives.
The length of our residential extended care program varies depending on the needs of the participant. However, most teens stay in the program for 6-12 months, with the option to extend their stay as needed. We never turn out a teen until we know they are ready. When you’re at the end of your rope and your child is struggling with emotional or behavioral challenges, Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy can help. Contact us today at (800) 794-0980 to learn more about our residential extended care program in North America-USA. We will support you on the journey to healing and growth.

Achieve Lasting Recovery with Wilderness Therapy Programs

Achieve Lasting Recovery with Wilderness Therapy Programs Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy is proud to offer a national long-term alcohol rehab treatment center that is designed to help teens struggling with alcohol addiction achieve lasting recovery. Our wilderness therapy program is a unique and effective approach to addiction treatment that combines traditional therapy with the healing power of nature. Our program provides clients the tools and skills to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Our experienced therapists and addiction specialists work closely with each teen to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to meet specific goals. Our long-term alcohol rehab treatment program typically lasts between 60 and 90 days but can be extended if needed. Clients participate in various therapeutic activities designed to help them gain insight into the underlying causes of their addiction, learn coping skills to manage cravings and develop a strong support network. Some of the services and activities that we offer as part of our program include:
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, camping, etc.)
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Yoga and other forms of exercise
  • Nutritional counseling
At Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy, our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve lasting recovery and regain control of their lives. We believe the healing power of nature, combined with evidence-based therapeutic techniques, can help them break free from the cycle of addiction. If your teen is struggling with alcohol addiction, we encourage you to consider our national long-term alcohol rehab treatment center. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help every step of the way on the journey to recovery. Contact us today at (800) 794-0980 to learn more about our program and how we can help teens achieve lasting freedom from addiction.

Rites of Passage: How Camps for Troubled Young Adults in The NW Can Help

Rites of Passage: How Camps for Troubled Young Adults in The NW Can Help If you're a troubled young adult's parent, you may feel helpless and unsure of where to turn. This situation is challenging to be in, but know that you're not alone. Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy offers a solution with our camps for troubled young adults in the NW. The first step is a thorough assessment of your young adult's needs. This includes comprehensively evaluating their mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Our team will work with you and your young adult to meet their unique needs. We offer Ranch Long-Term Care, an obesity health and wellness camp, and wilderness therapy. Programs are designed to help young adults build confidence, self-awareness, and a sense of purpose. They'll participate in outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and camping while also in therapy sessions that address underlying issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse. The combination of physical activity and therapy creates a holistic approach that's been proven to be effective. One of the most important aspects of the program is the support network provided to young adults and their families. The team at Rites of Passage understands that this is a difficult time for everyone involved, and we are committed to being there every step of the way, providing regular updates on your young adult's progress. If you're considering Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy camps for troubled young adults in the NW, know you're making a great choice. Our personalized assessments, holistic programs, and unwavering support make us a leader in the industry. Reach out today; call (800) 794-0980 to learn more about how Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy can help your young adult on their journey towards a brighter future. Visit our site for more information on camp enrollment dates.

Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy for Troubled Youth Programs in Seattle

Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy for Troubled Youth Programs in Seattle It can be heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with behavioral or emotional issues as a parent. Feeling helpless and unsure is natural, especially if traditional therapy and counseling aren’t helping. Fortunately, Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy provides specialized troubled youth programs in Seattle. Wilderness therapy programs provide a unique and practical approach to helping troubled youth overcome challenges. Structured programs help adolescents develop the skills needed to navigate life encounters successfully. Our philosophy is that the wilderness can provide a transformative experience for youths struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. Our program is designed to help youth ages 13 to 17 struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and behavioral problems. Our experienced therapists and counselors work closely with each individual to create a personalized treatment plan to address their unique needs. Our wilderness therapy program takes place in the beautiful and rugged wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Participants spend their days hiking, camping, and engaging in outdoor activities, all while receiving therapy and counseling from our experienced staff. This immersive experience helps young people develop the skills to overcome challenges and thrive in the real world.
  • We offer free consultations for concerned parents. Our experienced staff provides guidance on the best course of action for your child's therapy plan.
  • One-on-one therapy sessions use evidence-based practices to help young people work through challenges and develop skills needed for success.
  • Family therapy sessions help parents and siblings understand and support their loved ones’ journey toward healing.
Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy is committed to providing superior troubled youth programs in Seattle. If you're concerned for your child's well-being, please contact us for a free consultation at (800) 794-0980. We're here to help your child thrive.

We Offer Wilderness Therapy For OCD Treatment (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) In The Northwest

We Offer Wilderness Therapy For OCD Treatment (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) In The Northwest Having someone in your family with OCD can be difficult for everyone involved. If you are going through struggles with family relationships or your child is having problems in school, with friends, and more, you may want to start to look into treatment options. Here at Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy, we offer various programs to suit the needs of our diverse client base. Let us go over how we can help with wilderness therapy for OCD treatment (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in the Northwest.

Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Someone that has OCD will usually have compulsions, obsessions, or both. These compulsions or obsessions are strong enough that they can bring on a great deal of distress with schoolwork, social relationships, and beyond. When it comes to compulsions and obsessions, there are some notable actions to look for:
  • Frequent washing of clothing or hands
  • Repeated checking locks, doors, light switches, or electrical appliances
  • Certain repetitious mental activities like praying, counting, etc.
  • Continually attempting to keep personal items in detailed order
There are often genetic factors that are associated with OCD. Many young people who have been diagnosed with OCD will have close family members that also have similar issues. Obsessive-compulsive disorder will also impact males and females equally.

Why Wilderness Therapy for OCD?

Once a participant with OCD arrives at Rites Of Passage, we formulate a plan based on their unique needs. This will include therapy sessions and counseling, bonding adventures with peers, and learning life skills they can use throughout the years. Our natural setting helps foster growth and healing, and we have a full staff of caring individuals trained to work with kids of all backgrounds and conditions. If you are interested in wilderness therapy for OCD treatment (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in the Northwest, call Rites Of Passage at (800) 794-0980. Our team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have about our programs and enrollment.

Beneficial Programs For Troubled Youth In The USA

Beneficial Programs For Troubled Youth In The USA Parents find a range of difficulties today when it comes to raising teens. As kids get older, they will struggle with some of the unique challenges they face due to modern technology and mental health issues. If you are a parent struggling, you will want to look into the benefits of finding the right programs for troubled youth in the USA.

Benefits Of Treatment

The right program for your teen will generally be designed to face the obstacles that today's youth will face in behavioral and mental issues. Such a treatment plan will be most beneficial when the child can focus on themselves and the healing process while away from outside influences. One of the strongest options available today showing the most promise in terms of results is wilderness therapy. There are three main areas where a quality wilderness therapy program will strive, including:
  • Staff and faculty
  • Structure and safety
  • Regular therapy
Some of the different issues that can be addressed with such a program are:
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Learning disabilities
  • OCD
  • Low self-esteem, and much more
At Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy, we want you to know that not all programs are the same. We have a caring staff and an active program with an emphasis on therapy and skill-building so that kids have helpful tools to take with them when they integrate back into their life at home. We would love to talk with you about the programs we have to offer and learn more about you and your family. There is a lot to consider when searching for the best programs for troubled youth in the USA. Call Rites Of Passage today at (800) 794-0980 for information about our available services today!