Camps for Troubled Youth

Camps for Troubled Youth

The pressures faced by the family of a troubled teen can be extremely overwhelming. This in no way minimizes the pressures placed on the troubled teen themselves. However, while trying to cope with or struggle with any behavioral or emotional issues with the troubled youth, the negative effects on the family unit can be devastating. Finding effective therapy treatment outside of the home and away from any influential environs is vital to the well being of the youth as well as the family unit. Rites of Passage camps for troubled youth offers this option.

Our camps for troubled youth are not only a place for students to relax and focus on their goals of treatment, it is a facilitator of change. It is a placed filled with challenges both real and perceived showing our students they have a purpose not only to themselves but to those around them. It is a place they can face their problems head on under the care of certified, experienced clinicians, therapists, counselors and wilderness guides.

Our ‘rites of passage’ approach to therapy not only encourages our students to take responsibility for their actions but accept the consequences of any decisions made.

camps for troubled youth

During their time at our camps, our students are also encouraged to take responsibility for their shelter, the preparation of delicious holistic foods, land navigation skills as well as fun among other activities.

They will learn they have the skills and abilities to overcome many of the obstacles and challenges faced in both camp life as well as daily life.

Not only will your child come away from our camps with self-confidence, self-reliance, a respect for themselves and others, they will return home with a healthier attitude, a healthier diet, a healthier way of life.

Rites of Passage camps for troubled youth; helping good kids who have made poor decisions. Call our offices today at (800)794-0980 to learn more about our programs, and to sign up.