Camps For Troubled Young Adults

Camps For Troubled Young Adults

Rock bottom is not necessarily a great term of reference but one commonly used by those addicted to drugs or alcohol. It can also be used by those that feel the have reached the very bottom of their struggles with anxiety, depression and other behavioral and emotional problems. Ideally, it is always best for those displaying self-destructive behaviors or potentially very debilitating disorders, to seek help before reaching this point in their lives. Well before you or your child reach this breaking point, reach out for the help your family needs. Highly effective camps for troubled young adults can be found at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy.

Rites of Passage is an alternative to a traditional boot camp. We believe many of the poor choices made by youth and young adults should not necessarily be punished but the reasons those poor choices were made be discovered and treated.

Camps For Troubled Young Adults

These discoveries being made through intense, though nurturing individual as well as group therapies with our on-site experienced therapists.

Although our camps for troubled young adults are relatively structured, plenty of room is left open for our students to achieve their personal treatment goals and to make personal choices.

Here, they are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for their actions as well as accept the consequences for those actions. Taking responsibility for preparing their own healthy, holistic meals and shelter and overcoming natural and daily obstacles while participating on wilderness treks are done by examining their inner self and its resources.

Our students will tap into skills and abilities many never realized they had.

At Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, our camps for troubled young adults empower our students to make better choices, live healthier and be more productive in life. Call (800)794-0980 today to learn more about our programs and treatment options.